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The Moon Balloon Project

A Journey in The Moon Balloon:
When Images Speak Louder Than Words

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Take a journey in a hot air balloon to see the world

Now, the fully-updated and expanded edition is
overflowing with new stories and activities to unleash
creative expression and allow images to do the
talking. It also teaches parents and caregivers how
to use the book and includes other creative tools
to encourage communication.

This expanded edition includes stores of children
the author worked with as Artist in Residence in
Boston area hospitals. It overflows with new ideas
and activities that release creative expression,
allowing images to do the talking.

Open your heart, drop your fears, relax and get in
touch with your feelings.

This colorfully illustrated interactive journal with a delightful story line has been used to help children of all ages express their emotions and feel better about themselves and the world through writing, drawing, and symbols.

“A Journey in The Moon Balloon” is an indispensable tool for parents, teachers, counselors, art therapists, health care professionals, and all those concerned with bringing emotional healing to children. This charming book weaves the spiritual and the psychosocial benefits of art, emotional connection and selfinspiration into a colorful, artful and engaging presentation.
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The role of art in healing is as old as the healing temples of Aesclepius, and the use of symbols in art goes back to the first cave paintings. Studies have shown that positive imagery has a strong impact on our immune system. Some of this research was done by Carl Jung, whose work has shown the importance of symbols and images to the mind and body.


During your flight you will see soft white clouds passing by you. The wind sings a song in your ears. Soon you will come to a place in the sky where you see tiny bits of color. As you get closer you see it is the Field of Balloons. Each balloon is a feeling you might have. Sometimes we have more than one feeling. All of these feelings are ok. You can choose to visit whichever balloon you like, depending on how you feel. Visit them again and again whenever you like!

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“A Journey in The Moon Balloon: When Images Speak Louder Than Words” may be purchased at:

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92-98 Derby Street
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Buttonwood Books and Toys
747 CJC Highway, Route 3A
Cohasset MA 02025

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Jessica Kingsley Publishers
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"It has been shown that patients who are in a room with windows facing the sky sense less pain and heal sooner. Joan Drescher’s work provides all of us with windows wherever we are. It creates a healing celestial connection."
~ Bernie Siegel, MD

"The Moon Balloon® offers the young children in my classroom to express feelings and imagination."
~ Avis Goldstein,
~ Kindergarten teacher

"On our first “ART is the heart” visit to the homes of children and families in hospice care, we provide each child in the home with a copy of The Moon Balloon® as our way of saying hello and that “we care about you” in a very special way. Through the universal language of images, Joan Drescher offers us a tool to unlock and help children deal with the wide range of often difficult but always honest feelings that children facing death—their own or that of a loved one—experience. This powerful book reflects Joan’s deep commitment to and respect for children, and the importance of honoring each child’s unique voice and spirit."
~ Judy Rollins, Ph.D., RN

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