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The Moon Balloon Project
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"I had no idea how appropriate The Moon Balloon® could be for our chaplaincy work. After the training, I now envision The Moon Balloon® being used as a powerfully effective and creative tool in Pastoral Care and Spiritual Support for our patient families who are facing end of life or serious illnesses."
Glenda Spearman, M.Div.

“I frequently see siblings while kids are in surgery—this is a way to focus on them, giving them a special tool/treat with which to communicate.”
Rev. Jan Gough, Chaplain, Certified Spiritual Director MGH

‘practical tools for clinical evaluation’
"..the combination of lecture, didactic, slide show, training manual and books along with a very strong experiential component and very seasoned group facilitators"
Kathleen Miller, Director of Community Health Education and Wellness Center

"..try to help children relieve some anxiety, stress from the beginning of hospitalization through end – discharge”

"..reminds me of how important the visual is. Not everything needs to be said"
Social Worker, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago

"..taking inventory through drawing and symbols to identify where I am in life and what I need. A viable way to self care."
Chaplain, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago

"Empowers children to be active in their healthcare encounters."
Child life, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago

"The Moon Balloon® is a wonderful way of allowing children to access and give words to their emotions.
I believe this book and workshop could be a tremendous help to parents and other professionals who are concerned with children's healing and emotional lives."
Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Boulder, Colorado

"Wonderful creative outlet for personal empowerment and communication. Thank you for sharing it.
The participation of the children and parents flowed so easily."
Parent, Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago

“I have been using the Moon Balloon® in my practice of nursing for the past ten years, as an aide to help children share their feelings about their hospitalization and their illness. This training manual is invaluable to all people working with children; especially for healthcare providers it should be a must. The training manual gives you the beginning ideas of how to incorporate the pages of the Moon Balloon® into the day-to-day challenges of children in a safe and fun way, the rest of the journey is unlimited to your imagination."
Mary Lou Kelleher RN, MS Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist, MassGeneral Hospital for Children

“The Moon Balloon® by Joan Drescher should become an essential component of every child’s admission packet to the hospital. This work is healing, gentle, creative, nonthreatening. It helps children and families to explore their emotions in such wonderful, creative ways. It is at once a flight for the imagination and a way of coping with the reality of illness or even the usual emotional traumas of life. This book can be helpful in so many different contexts—in schools, homes, hospitals, clinics—wherever children and families need a safe way to explore the richness and depth of their emotions. I have shared this book with my daughter, my patients, and with my friends and we have all gained something precious and priceless from Joan Drescher’s beautiful work.”
Somava Saha Stout, MD, Medical Director, Revere Family Health Center; Instructor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

“Joan Drescher’s Moon Balloon® starts children on wonderful paths out of difficult times back towards the important playfulness of healthy childhood. Through the use of The Moon Balloon® in our children’s oncology unit, I have personally witnessed the blooming of happiness in the children I care for who are afflicted with childhood cancer and, as a bonus, their siblings are helped as well.”
Lawrence C. Wolfe, MD, Chief of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Director of Children’s Cancer Center, Floating Hospital for Children, Boston, MA

“The Moon Balloon® provides the opportunity to reflect and express our innermost thoughts, feelings and memories. It allows grieving children to revisit their thoughts, feelings and memories in a safe way. I highly recommend incorporating this book in your work with grieving children and their families."
Christine Kettman, Fernside Hospice Outreach Coordinator

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