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The Moon Balloon Project
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IMAGINE what The Moon Balloon® could do if we had the funds to:

Send The Moon Balloon® to families experiencing crisis, wherever they are in the world, with caregivers and professionals who can work with them.

Create The Moon Balloon® app with interactive drawing capability so anyone can access it online when they need it.

Educate people how to use The Moon Balloon® through on-line trainings.
Experience Joan’s compassion and interactive drawing skills as if she were in the room with you.

How Can I support the Moon Balloon® Project?
DONATE - Our greatest need is monetary donations. Please give as generously as you can. Click the Paypal button on this page or send a check to The Moon Balloon Project®.
GIVE BOOKS - Moon Balloon® books make excellent gifts for the holidays and throughout the year.
Buy here.
SHARE - Buy several Moon Balloon® Books to share with a family, event, church, synagogue,
or other non-profit. Call us for pricing.
TELL THE STORY - Spread the word about The Moon Balloon Project® to your family, friends and colleagues.

All Donations are tax deductible
THANK YOU for your generosity!
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